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Picture of Florida Southern Student seated in front of a tall stack of books. The Roux Library welcome logo is over her head.Welcome to Roux Library! We are so excited to have you join us this year as students in the RN to BSN program!

My name is Julie Hornick, and I am the librarian assigned to work with the School of Nursing. My phone number is 863.680.4496 and my email is

This tutorial has been developed because we want to make sure that you have all the tools you will need to be successful in this program. In this tutorial you will learn how to effectively utilize the resources available to you as a student of Florida Southern College; these are resources you will be able to access whether you are on campus or 1,000 miles away.

As you work your way through this tutorial, you will be asked to interact with resources on the Roux Library website and the Nursing Resource Guide. There will be some questions Drawing of a magnifying glass.for you to answer based on activities you will complete and videos you may watch. Be sure to answer each question -- you will be given a score at the end of the tutorial.

Additionally, a quiz at the end will check your understanding of items that will be covered. And, finally, you will be able to email me and your professor verification that you have completed the tutorial.

If at any point you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me using the contact information above. 

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Research Guides

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The perfect place to begin your research is here on the Roux Library home page. From here you will be able to link out to all the resources we make available to students at FSC, including our catalog, research guides, and databases.

For basic research, you can use the DiscoveRoux search box located at the bottom of the page. Be aware, though, that for more in-depth research in Nursing, this may not be the best choice.

We always recommend that students begin research for their major classes in the Research Guides, which are one-stop-shopping spots where you will find the databases specific to your major as well as information about useful websites, print and electronic books, and assistance with APA formatting.

To get started, click on the link for the Research Guides & Tutorials.

Research Guides

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Cartoon picture of a nurse in medical scrubs.Here you will notice a list of all the academic disciplines we have here at FSC. Find the link for Nursing and click on it.

Which guide will you use for this class?

Research Guides

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Click on the Nursing Resources link. 

Research guides are designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

Let's take some time to explore your Nursing research guide and give you the opportunity to discover the resources your professors and librarians have identified for your use.

Explore Topics

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Click on the Explore Topics tab. 

On this tab you will find information about books here at Roux, useful websites, journal resources, health data sources, Films on Demand, and Evidence-Based Practice resources.

The Websites box is divided into several categories. Clicking on each tab will take you to different categories of websites, with links from national organizations to federal, state, and local entities.

Which of the following is a link that you will find under Clinics & Universities in the Websites box?

Explore Topics

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Evidence-Based Practice is extremely important to the practice of nursing. The Explore Topics section of this research guide includes a box on this subject. 

What are the four learning outcomes for the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial?

Another resource you will likely need to use for research will be data on health and healthcare statistics in Florida and on a national scale. We have included some websites that look at these statistics.

What link would you click to look for data on all aspects of health and healthcare in the state of Florida?

Be sure to remain on the Explore Topics tab for this question:

Using the information in the Books at Roux Library box, where in the library would you go to find the book, Nursing Theorists and Their Work by Martha Raile Alligood? (You may need to click on tabs and/or links to find the answer!)

Search for Sources

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Click on the Search for Sources tab of the research guide.

Picture of a treasure map with X marks the spot.When you have decided on a topic for your research, this is the page you can come to in order to access all the databases you will need to answer your research question.

On this page you will find

  • a box where you can search for print and electronic books,
  • a selection of tutorials you can use to learn the ins and outs of searching the databases, 
  • general subject databases,
  • nursing-specific databases,
  • PICO searching resources, and
  • medical reference resources

Search for Sources

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Find the Roux Library Databases box.

Which of the general subject databases is NOT an EBSCO database?

Which database from the list would be the best one to use to search for information about sports medicine issues?

These next two activities will ask you to do some basic searching with a couple of different databases.

Don't worry if you don't have a lot of experience searching in databases. These will be easy searches, designed to show you how simple searching can be.

Be sure to follow all the directions in each question.

Search for Sources

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Open the Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition database. Health Source IconYou need to find an article dealing with palliative care written by Presnell and Cavanaugh, along with some other authors.

What terms do you think you should use to search for this article?

Search for Sources

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Perform a search for "palliative care" and Presnell and Cavanaugh.

When you find an article, you will be able to examine important information about it, including when and where it was published, who wrote it, and what subjects are covered in the article.

Click on the title of the article.

For this article, what year was it published?

What journal was this article published in?

Search for Sources

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Cochrane Libraries LogoSystematic reviews are another type of resource you may use in your research. These are articles that summarize the results of available controlled trials/studies in order to provide a high level of evidence on the effectiveness of healthcare interventions. Systematic reviews may make recommendations for care based on this evidence. Additionally, systematic reviews can be excellent resources for finding controlled trials on subjects you may be researching.

Cochrane Reviews are generally considered the premier source for systematic reviews.

Be sure you are back on the Nursing Resources research guide's Search for Sources tab, then click on the Cochrane Library link.

Search for Sources

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Cochrane Reviews are one of the features available with our Cochrane Library subscription.

In this search you will be looking for a specific article on palliative care in dementia patients written by Murphy et al.

In the Cochrane search bar, type in "palliative care" and then hit enter.  (Be sure to keep the quotation marks to tell the database to search that exact phrase.) [If you are completing this tutorial using a mobile device, you may need to click on the Open menu link in the upper-right portion of the screen to find the search bar.]

How many Cochrane Reviews are returned?

Search for Sources

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Sixty-two reviews isn't a lot, but youFunnel can narrow your results by adding another search term.

This time, type "palliative care" and dementia into the search box and hit enter.

Again, be sure to keep the quote marks around "palliative care." Doing this tells the database to search the whole phrase. Otherwise, it will search for all words individually, as well as the whole phrase. This can lead to a lot of articles that have nothing to do with the specific topic you're interested in. 

How many reviews and trials do you get now?

Find the review by Murphy et al. and click on the title to open up the information about the review.

Which of the authors is associated with Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK?

What year was the review published?

Let's go now to something you will use a lot when writing papers for your classes in nursing -- the APA style section of the research guide.

Interlibrary Loan

Now click on the Interlibrary Loan tab.

Image of a globe with a green arrow circling itRoux Library provides interlibrary loan services for current faculty, staff, and students to obtain materials not available at Roux Library. Roux Library is happy to request articles for you through interlibrary loan for your online course.

It can take as little as one day to as much as two weeks or longer to obtain some materials, depending on the availability, type of material requested, and location the material is coming from.

Patrons will be notified by e-mail or text only when the requested items arrive. Please be sure to notify the library of your current e-mail address -- one that you check regularly. We will send notification to your FSC default e-mail address if we do not have any other e-mail address on your library account.

While we are able to obtain many different types of items, some materials are usually not available through interlibrary loan.

Which of the following is NOT available through interlibrary loan?


True or False: Roux Library will order a textbook you need for your class through ILL.

ur resource sharing librarian is always available to answer any questions you may have about the ILL process or about a specific resource.

(For the boxes below, you can simply type in your answers.)

Now let's explore the databases you will need to use for research.

APA Style Guide

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Go back to the research guide and click on the APA Style Guide tab.

Logo of the American Psychological AssociationThe style guide of the American Psychological Association is the format you will be asked to use as a Nursing student. Using a standardized style in formatting your paper and your references improves the readability of your work and makes it easier for your reader to recognize the research that backs up your argument.

Because we know that following a style like this can seem difficult at first, we have put together this page of the research guide to give you the support you need to be successful when working with APA.

APA Style Guide

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Purdue Online Writing Lab LogoIn the middle of the page you should see the APA Style Online Sources box. Perhaps the most important link on this page is the link for the Purdue Online Writing Lab, known as the Purdue OWL. This is the premier source for information on formatting research papers in APA style and provides examples of how to format your paper as well as nearly every type of reference you may need to cite. 

If you prefer to watch videos when learning something, there are also links on this page to vidcasts produced by the Purdue OWL to explain APA style.

The APA Style Blog is also very useful if you have a quick question about citing a specific type of source.

Go ahead and click on the APA Style Blog link. Then, in the search bar on the right, type in twitter. At the top of your results, you should see a post written by Timothy McAdoo on January 26, 2017.  Click on that post to open it up.

Return to the research guide APA Style page, and look at the following references:

A) Brownlie, D. (2007). Toward effective poster presentations: An annotated bibliography. European Journal of Marketing, 41(11/12), 1245-1283. doi:10.1108/03090560710821161

B) Brownlie, Douglas. "Toward Effective Poster Presentations: An Annotated Bibliography." European Journal of Marketing vol. 41, iss. 11/12, 2007: pp. 1245-1283. ProQuest Research Library, doi:10.1108/03090560710821161.

Which of the references is formatted in correct APA style?

Hopefully you can see that it will be very easy to find examples to help you format your references. However, if you ever need assistance, don't hesitate to contact me at the library -- I am always ready to assist you as you navigate APA.

Database Searching

As the final activity for this tutorial, there is a 17 minute video demonstration of basic strategies for searching using the Roux Library databases.

Title Slide for Introduction to Database Searching VideoClick here to view the video.

After viewing the video, answer the questions on the brief quiz. When you have completed all activities, please enter my email, as well as your professor's email to ensure that we receive confirmation of your having completed the tutorial.

And as always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any difficulties with library resources at any point in your studies here at Florida Southern.


Please answer the following 5 questions about the demonstration video you just watched.

Which database was demonstrated?

Why might you use quotation marks when searching a database?

True or False: There is no way to tell if Roux Library has access to a journal title you found on Google Scholar.

In ProQuest, how can you tell if an article comes from a scholarly, peer-reviewed source?


Please enter your name and email address to retrieve a copy of your completed quiz.

You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. If you are doing this for a class, you may need to enter your instructor's email address also.


Please let us know what you thought of this tutorial.